Friday Hearings and the Snow

With a forecast for the region’s first big snow set for this Friday, two common situations occur:

1. My kids (and all those in the Valley) are doing the snow dance non-stop, hoping to get out of school.
2. Clients are calling asking about Court on Friday.

This is the scoop: the 341 Meeting of Creditors (the bankruptcy hearing where you appear before your Trustee) will be held. The government office which is in charge of these hearings has only cancelled them once in 23 years that I can recall.

So, if you can get there safely, do so. If it is not possible, or extremely dangerous based on the road conditions or where you live, let us know. Each client with a hearing on Friday is being emailed my personal contact info. If you cannot make it, call, text or email me so that I know and can make arrangements for a continuance.

Be safe, Be warm. And keep working on being debt free.