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Don’t forget! This Saturday, June 29, the #21 Outrun Your Debt car will race at the Motor Mile Speedway (see the prior blog post for the details)! Driver Wayne Corprew said that in preparation for Saturday’s race, the #21 car is currently in Martinsville at Racing Dynamics. Mike Sharpe, a former lead fabrication mechanic for Petty Enterprises, is working on the car with the goal of making the #21 car the fastest it’s ever been.

Wayne appreciates everyone’s support for the race team this year and is looking forward to seeing everyone at the track on Saturday. Also, Wayne asked that we let you know that the #21 Outrun Your Debt car will be on display TONIGHT at the Star City Motor Madness Cruise Night at Roberts Auto & Truck Service on Williamson road. So while we have some new pictures of the car to share with you below, if you want to see it in person, this coming Friday is your chance!

OUTRUN YOUR DEBT – Midseason Update

The Giles & Lambert #21 car is 4 races into the 2019 race season at the Motor Mile Speedway. At this point in the season, driver Wayne Corprew has taken one second place trophy and raced hard to earn top five finishes in two other races (a scheduled fourth race was cancelled due to rain). Most excitingly, the Outrun Your Debt driver of the #21 car is in second place for the Super Street Championship at this time due to his fast car and tenacious driving!

While driver #21 will not return to the track until the next Super Street race, scheduled for June 29, 2019, Wayne and his team are continuing to make adjustments to the car with the hopes of making it even faster. Whether you’re a regular at the Motor Mile Speedway or are considering attending a race for the first time, the June 29th race night is also the Monster Truck Show! Tickets for the event are on sale now through the link above.

Have questions about the #21 Outrun Your Debt car? Ask them below! And remember, if you have debt that keeps holding you back, contact Giles & Lambert to see if we can help you OUTRUN YOUR DEBT.

Roanoke Conference Day

Six members of the Giles & Lambert team, including four attorneys and two paralegals, attended the Western District of Virginia Bankruptcy Conference on June 7, 2019, in Roanoke. The conference included training topics for both attorneys and staff as well as relevant case law updates. Additionally, partner Malissa Giles, along with other panelists, shared with attendees pieces of advice on topics related to Chapter 13 cases.

What does this mean for our clients? It demonstrates Giles & Lambert’s commitment to invest in the training and continued education of its attorneys and staff with the ultimate goal of having a team who can provide our bankruptcy clients the very best legal representation possible. 

So if you have too much debt and don’t know where to turn, we encourage you to contact us to schedule your free bankruptcy consultation.

Legal aid societies provide invaluable service to low-income clients by providing low-cost (and oftentimes free) legal representation in a variety of legal matters. Locally, the Legal Aid Society of the Roanoke Valley has made applying for services easier than ever! See below for details about applying for services online.

If you are in need of bankruptcy services but do not qualify for legal aid, please consider Giles & Lambert, as we try to provide reasonable payment plans to all clients.