Monthly Archives: November 2019

Are you one of the 700? We can help.

Volvo announced it would be laying off 700 employees in January due to an anticipated drop in sales. For many folks in the New River Valley, this type of change can lead to financial distress as unemployment may not cover your living expenses and debts.  If you find yourself facing financial hardship due to this lay-off, the law firm of Giles and Lambert has an office in BLACKSBURG and stands ready to provide advice and help on how bankruptcy may help you through this difficulty.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the Volvo employees and families impacted by this news.  If this lay-off puts you in a financial bind, give us a call to schedule a free consultation on how we might can help.

Holiday Spending Strategies

Holiday festivities can wreak havoc on even the most well-planned budget.  See below for strategies to make it through the holidays without damage to your finances.

While considering your finances, if you find that you are struggling to make your debt payments, contact Giles & Lambert for a free bankruptcy consultation to see what bankruptcy may be able to do to help you.

Anxious about your finances?

If you’re one of the 53% of Americans who feel anxious when thinking about your personal finances, I would encourage you to ask yourself why. If you determine that debt is making you anxious or is keeping you from meeting your other financial goals, call Giles & Lambert, P.C. for a free bankruptcy consultation.