Monthly Archives: September 2019

Tour of Destruction Update

After an early lead, our bus croaked and dropped out of the race. If debt is making you want to drop out, come see Giles & Lambert for a free bankruptcy consultation and a jump start on better credit!

Bankruptcy can help you clear up credit and buy a car that will NOT croak on the roadside.

Hospital on your heels for your unpaid medical debt? You are not alone.

Medical debts, especially those owed to hospitals, are not uncommon. If you are unable to pay the bills owed to the hospital, you may find yourself at the receiving end of collection letters, phone calls, lawsuits, or even garnishments, just to name a few. At Giles & Lambert, we have helped many clients who were struggling with medical debt they could not pay. To see if Giles & Lambert may be able to help you, give us a call today at (540) 981-9000 for a free bankruptcy consultation. We welcome the opportunity to see if we can help you, too.

Heads up! In case you haven’t heard, for those who filed a Virginia tax return in 2018, you may soon be receiving a one-time refund check from the state. For eligible individual filers, the refund amount will be $110, while eligible married couples will receive $220.  Refund checks will be issued beginning around mid-September.

For those who owe Virginia or IRS taxes other state courts or local governments, the amount of the one-time refund will be applied toward the outstanding balance you owe.

If this refund is not enough to put a dent in your debts, know that Giles & Lambert may be able to help.  We offer free bankruptcy consultations and would gladly schedule you to meet with one of our attorneys.  Call (540) 981-9000 to schedule your appointment.