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Have you spent tomorrow’s paycheck?

Are you already dividing up how the paycheck you’ll get tomorrow will be spent? Are you trying to figure out how to stretch the money to cover debt payments and then still pay for the food your family needs, the kids’ school supplies, the unexpected car repair?

Is there any money left for other necessities such as utilities and car insurance?

If your paycheck is not enough to pay your bills and meet those basic necessities, then it is time to set up an appointment to consider whether bankruptcy will help you reset your priorities. In bankruptcy we first consider your family’s real needs and then consider debt payments.

Isn’t it time to put your family’s needs first?

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The Giles & Lambert Difference:

We got this email Monday from a Chapter 7 client and I wanted to share!

“I wanted to thank your team. I was in court today, arrived early as suggested to get an idea of what was to happen. I observed a few cases before mine and was surprised to see how unprepared some people were and their attorneys. I would like to thank you for your hard work and making sure I was prepared to take care of what I needed to do with confidence, I had a great team working in my interest to a better financial future. Thank you, ”

2016 Chapter 7 client headed to discharge!