Chapter 13 Client Starts 2016 Debt Free!

I received this great testimonial from a Chapter 13 client who just finished a five year plan today:

“Giles and Lambert is an excellent company to work with if you are going to file any type of bankruptcy. Four years ago my finances were a mess and everyday it seemed that there was no way out. Just like a lot of things in life you just keep dealing with it and hoping that one day it might get better. I started using credit cards and different loans 25 years ago. I am now 49 years old and as of January 1, 2016 I am completely debt free thanks to Malissa, Tracy and the Roanoke office. I have five kids who are all grown. They see a happier dad today and will also benefit financially as well.”
– MK, Chapter 13 client finishing 5 year plan

Shouldn’t 2016 be your year to start fresh!